"Helping Children and Families since 1876"

The Children’s Home of Kingston is a 501c3 not for profit organization providing services to boys and young men between the ages of 8 and 21 whose personal, social, developmental, or family situations preclude them from living at home or in a less restrictive setting, and who may benefit from milieu therapy, active psychotherapeutic interventions, and specialized care. We offer:

  • A structured 24x7 environment enabling boys to explore their challenging behavior and learn successful new ways of relating to their families and communities
  • A school that encourages boys to open themselves to learning
  • Family support facilitating a return to the home as soon as appropriately possible
  • A well-balanced community environment strengthening their ability to make positive choices

Residential Treatment for boys offering special education in an on-campus school; a 24-hour behavioral level child care system; family therapy; group and individual therapy, psychiatric and psychological assessments; recreation; and medical, dental, and nutritional health services.

Grove Street Academy is a special education on-campus school for grades 4-11 that provides a unique individualized learning setting and intensive academic assistance.

Day Program for boys referred by local school districts who need and receive special education services along with individual, group and family counseling as needed.

New Horizons serves vulnerable youth in a safe, residential environment that also includes education and independent living training.

Enhanced Treatment Program has provided 14 “hard to place” beds since 2009.

Independent Living Skills address a youth’s strengths and weaknesses in areas of daily living skills and independent living skills.

Behavior Management optionally provides a plan that outlines the appropriate and prescribed methods of supporting the child in controlling his behaviors during school hours and is based upon strengths, needs and risks.

Clinical Services for residents are provided by Residential Therapists supervised by the Director of Clinical Services, and for day students at Grove Street Academy by a School Counselor, who is supervised by the Director of Educational Services.

Health Services are provided for our residents and day students. Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses assess the needs of sick and injured boys and refer them to the appropriate physician or facility as necessary.

Recreational Services offer an opportunity to constructively release energy, and provides residents with opportunities to practice newly developed social skills in real life situations.