By Rah J.

I’m a poet writing of my pain,
I’m a person living a life of shame,
I’m your brother hiding my depression,
I’m your son making a good impression.
I’m your friend acting like I’m fine,
I’m a wisher wishing this life weren’t mine,
I’m a teenager pushing his fears aside,
I’m a student who doesn’t have a clue,
I’m the boy sitting next to you.
I’m the one asking you to care,
I’m your best friend hoping you’ll be there,
I’m your pet whining for more,
I’m a person looking for hope.
I’m the person who cries at night, but smiles in the morning,
I’ the one who talks a lot, but scared by my dark thoughts if I stay quiet,
I’m your son that wakes you in the morning and says, “Mom, I love you”,