Jay is an influential communicator with over 25 years of experience working with adolescent boys with trauma experiences. Specializing in crisis management, training, abuse and neglect prevention, investigations, corrective actions and compliance.  He builds strong, confident team members by modeling, providing guidance and support through reflective practice, and has demonstrated the ability to. bring together various disciplines including teachers, clinicians and childcare workers to provide a therapeutic milieu, leading to the decrease and minimize crisis by creating healthy, supportive environments.

 Jay works directly with multiple state oversite agencies to ensure program compliance, develop and implement corrective action plans, facilitate and conduct internal investigations of child abuse, neglect and maltreatment. Jay has established working relationships with investigators, auditors and state officials, He akes pride in reviewing, writing and training staff members in policy to meet all NYS regulations.

Notable achievements over Jay’s tenure at The Children’s Home of Kingston include:

  • Public Speaking: expert presenter; presented to local human service agencies, local school district,  entire agency staff  including childcare, principals, teachers, aides, and other clinical or support staff

  • Community Outreach: established working relationships with local juvenile detective, county district attorney’s office, Boys and Girls Club of Kingston, Riverport Wooden Boat Club, America Rows

  • Crisis Management: provided leadership and support to residential, educational, group home and SILP apartments; developed, implemented and supervised Individual Crisis Support Plans. Provided support prior, during and after crisis situations to ensure growth for youth, staff and agency. Reduced restraints across the agency by 90% over a two-year period.

  • Staff & Leadership Development: Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trainer for over 20 years and presented over 200 TCI trainings and refreshers. Building skills and confidence in staff members ability to de-escalate and use of physical restraint techniques