Restraint/ Incident Review

The purpose of this report and process is to improve our process for using Therapeutic Crisis Intervention with the youth we are here to support. It is important for this step to be completed after a meaningful meeting with the staff and supervisor or life space counselor should be completing this form. It is important to discuss the following:

  • Review the incident
  • Determine root cause
  • Develop a plan to mitigate further incidents
  • Was the staff injured? If so complete a work related injury form.
  • Did the incident  result in a call to the Justice Center?
  • Was the youth debriefed?
  • Did the youth need medical attention?
  • Was a nurse contacted?

Please make sure this information is on the Restraint Incident Report. Hit submit and the information will be forwarded to the QA Director

Staff Incident Debrief Report

This report is required when a staff needed to use a restraint while working with a youth