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  • A Christmas Carol

    A timeless classic from Charles Dickens brought to the stage.

  • Birthday Box

    Give the gift of a birthday party with a child’s favorite dessert, party supplies, and a small gift.

  • Birthday Dinner

    Your gift will let a child choose a local restaurant plus one. A child gets to dress up, dine out and have a great time.

  • College Fair

    Our high school English teacher is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for our students. College and job fairs are glimpses into potential career paths.

  • Costumes for Kids

    What’s Halloween without a great costume?

  • Day in the Orchard

    Children get the day in a local orchard picking fruit that is in season: apples, peaches, strawberries, etc. This is a great activity for them to experience.

  • Equine Therapy

    Horse Play is an equine therapy program that helps our students learn to build emotional skills that will serve them socially and academically.

  • Haunted Hayride

    Chills and thrills on a haunted hayride in the crisp autumn air!

  • Pumpkin Patch

    Children will go to a local farm, pick pumpkins, ride the wagon and have fun in the fall.

  • Rhythm Beats

    Our music teacher looks to expand the rhythm section in his class with a Conga stand and mounting brackets, Bongo drum stand, steel drum stand, and mallets.

  • Teaching PBL

    Field trips are ways for students to learn through “hands-on” activities in the community. Experiencing nature and writing poetry are great ways to learn in English class.

  • Wonderland of Lights

    A dazzling light display that brightens and dances in the night sky.

  • Youth Craft Activities

    Crafts are a creative expression and with the right tools and supplies our students will be ready to let their creativity flow.