Children's Home of Kingston Referral and Admissions Process

Referrals for residential or day treatment placement are made by the following sources:

  • Intake units at The Department of Probation or Department of Social Service: DSS has custody for program placement / permanency planning of a youngster for an appropriate level of care.
  • Court Order: A Family Court Judge awards DSS custody of a youngster for program placement / permanency planning.
  • Local School District: Through the CSE Committee process, the local school district is requesting either a residential placement or an out-of-district Day Treatment Program.

Point of Contact
At the point of request for services for a youngster, written material is submitted to the agency by the referral source. Admissions is the primary point of contact. The above-mentioned material should include:

  • A cover letter summarizing the need for placement along with contact information
  • A complete social history of the child and his/her family
  • A recent psychological examination including the results of projective testing
  • A recent psychiatric evaluation
  • The child's educational record and IEP, including material from his/her present school placement
  • The child’s up-to-date health record, including immunization record
  • Current legal status

Admissions consults with representatives from various departments, including the Executive Director, Director of Residential Services, Director of Education Services, Medical Services, Director of Clinical Services, and Therapists. The appropriateness of placement at The Children’s Home of Kingston for each applicant is based upon the information contained in the referral packet, as well as information gleaned from the pre-placement interview.

Pre-placement Interview
The pre-placement interview allows agency personnel to:

  • Meet prospective residents and their families
  • Ask questions about information contained in the referral packet
  • Provide information about the agency and services offered
  • Gather information regarding prior placements and treatment including prior use of therapeutic behavioral management techniques

The pre-placement interview allows prospective residents and their families/ caregivers to take an active role in the placement decision by allowing them the opportunity to:

  • Meet representatives from different departments
  • Assist in identifying individual and family strengths and service needs
  • Ask questions about the agency and services offered
  • Have a role in identifying the reason(s) for placement
  • Clarify information in the referral packet and share information helpful with treatment needs
  • Campus and School Tours
  • Obtain sufficient information to enable them to give input to the referring agency regarding choice of placement location

For more information, contact Admissions, at (845) 331-1448, extension 1181.