Children's Home of Kingston Day Program

Students in our Day Program come to us with special education needs. They may face significant challenges as they pursue their education. Fortunately we are well established and fully equipped to help then achieve the coursework leading to graduation.

The Grove Street Academy offers emotionally and learning-disabled students a structured, personalized, educational setting. Prescriptive and diagnostic strategies are developed to help students achieve educational goals established by New York State Standards and the student's Individual Education Program. To learn more, please visit our Educational Services page.

  • 853 NYSED approved school Special Education Services
  • All staff are NYSED certified
  • Regents exams are offered to students 3 times each year
  • Every student’s program is driven by an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Related services are available to students who need them
  • Summer program to maintain academic gains and continuity
  • Alternative activities such as field trips and physical activities to reinforce the learning process

Grove Street Academy begins each day by providing a nutritional breakfast to promote social interaction, facilitate learning, and prepare students for daily challenges.

Our enriched staffing, related services and individual attention enables our students to complete required coursework and pass State tests including the New York State Regents. During the last round of Regent’s Exams 82% of our students made passing grades.


Jennifer Miller
Director of Education - Principal
845-331-1448 ext. 1144