Children's Home of Kingston Educational Services

Grove Street Academy (GSA) serves Day Program
and Residential Treatment students, 8-21 years of age, grades 4 through 12 with the following classifications:

  • Emotional Disability (ED)
  • Learning Disability (LD)
  • Multiple Disabilities (MD)
  • Intellectual Disability (ID)
  • Other Heath Impaired (OHI)

GSA employs a system of intervention and support for families and students unable to benefit from the services offered in public education sectors. When students earn a diploma it is issued by the students home school district.

The Grove Street Academy provides students with a structured, personalized, educational setting. Prescriptive and diagnostic strategies are developed to help students achieve educational goals established by New York State Standards and the student's own Individual Education Program. For those children who do not meet the criteria for classification an individualized learning plan is developed.

Educational and clinical staff work with students and families using a team approach. Ours comprehensive approach is aimed at preventing residential placement for day students, and strengthening the families of all students. When residential students return home, they are prepared to re-enter public school. Day students can return to their school of origin upon the recommendation of the Committee on Special Education and Grove Street Academy.

  • 853 NYSED approved school, specializing in small departmental and self-contained classes
  • All staff are certified by NYSED
  • Regents exams are offered to students 3 times each year, current pass rate is 82%
  • Every student’s program is driven by an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Related services are available to students who need them
  • Summer program to maintain academic gains and continuity
  • Alternative activities such as field trips and physical activities to reinforce the learning process

The mission of the GSA is to assist students and families in becoming life-long learners and problem solvers, and to promote the teaching of social skills in a safe and nurturing educational environment. The summer program, in particular, provides alternative and interesting activities such as rock-climbing, hiking, and working in community agencies such as the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Learning takes place in a myriad of activities that are all aimed at restoring confidence in students and love for learning.

Assessment of Student Behaviors

Most of our students are able to meet the expectations of classroom teachers, the Grove Street Academy and the Children’s Home of Kingston. This is commonly referred to as the Universal Level of the PBIS Program. When the need arises we have a "Redirection Room" where staff members help students calm down ard return to class.

When a student consistently fails to meet expectations he is referred to a Child Study Team to develop a plan for success. Notification is provided to the student’s CSE. At this time a Functional Behavioral Assessment may be completed along with a Behavior Intervention Plan.

Vocational and Work Experience

Our youth have the opportunity to benefit from “hands on” work experience under the supervision of GSA Staff; custodial, silk screening, food service, handyman, landscaping.


Jennifer Miller
Director of Education - Principal
845-331-1448 ext. 1144