Children's Home of Kingston Health Services

The Children's Home of Kingston takes a holistic approach to health services for our residents and day students. Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses assess the needs of sick and injured boys and refer them to the appropriate physician or facility as necessary.

  • All medications are prescribed by licensed NYS physicians and psychiatrists. All youth receive a physical during their first 30 days of placement and annually thereafter. Immunizations records are secured and missing inoculations are provided.
  • Dental and vision care is a priority and every attempt is made to ensure the health of all residents.
  • Our smoking cessation and recreation programs interface with health services to provide care for the whole boy.
  • Health Services staff are involved with Independent Living Skills by teaching the boys how to get medical care when they leave, and by discussing what's needed by adults for healthy bodies and minds.
  • Boys who have special needs such as weight loss or medical conditions are supported through tasks and medical appointments as required.

Perhaps the most important aspect of health services is the TLC that is provided on a daily basis, mixing common sense with gentle love and a genuine concern for the boys' well being. Our nursing staff and residential staff will always lend a caring ear and comfort to the boys when they are sick or injured.

Nutritional Services
Nutritional services at The Children's Home of Kingston rise to the challenge of providing foods that are both nutritious and enjoyed by the boys. Meals are served "family style" in a cafeteria that is located in the Administration Building. Breakfast and supper are eaten in cottage groups and supervised residential workers who share meals with the boys. As in most schools, lunch is eaten in class groups and is shared with teachers and counselors. Snacks are provided in the afternoon and evening. Because all staff are invited to eat meals in the cafeteria, youth have a great opportunity to meet, talk, and interact with the staff who sit at tables on a daily basis.

All menus are reviewed and approved by a registered dietician and provide a healthy mix of vegetables, fruits, protein, carbohydrates and deserts. A staff of cooks and assistants work under the guidance of our Food Services Manager to prepare wholesome and delicious meals that suit the varied tastes of adolescent boys. Special meals celebrating holidays and ethnic events are especially enjoyed by the boys and staff. Barbeques and picnics in teh summer months provide ways to combine recreation and nutrition.