Recreational Services

The recreational activities at Children's Home of Kingston consist of both on campus and off campus sessions. They are planned and developed to expose our youth to new experiences, engage with others within our community, and to provide an opportunity to participate in fun activities. They range from board games and crafts, to more physical activities, such as bowling, roller skating, basketball, and other sports. We also participate in a local program called Horse Play and a donkey park to provide therapeutic recreation with the animals.

Recreation is an integral part of the program at Children’s Home of Kingston, giving youth the chance to explore and practice new social skills, learn how to utilize free time in a productive manner, and inherit new coping mechanisms along with their experiences.

On Campus Activities:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Gym
  • Recreation Room
  • Lower Field
  • Garden
  • Outdoor Basketball
  • Indoor Basketball
  • Cycling
Off Campus Activities:
  • Bowling
  • Track
  • Local Attractions
  • Roller Skating
  • Movies
  • Animal Interaction
  • Holiday Events
  • Fishing