Recreational Services

Recreation is an essential part of the residents stay at The Children’s Home of Kingston. There are numerous on campus and off campus activities for our residents. Recreation offers an opportunity to constructively release energy, and provides residents with opportunities to practice newly developed social skills in real life situations.

On Campus Activities

Swimming Pool
Indoor Gym

Recreation Room
Lower Field

Outdoor Basketball 
Indoor Basketball 

Off Campus Activities

Sports Events

Local Attractions

Roller Skating

The Children's Home of Kingston is located in historic Kingston NY, nestled in the scenic Hudson Valley. There are many local attractions such as Dietz Stadium, Walkway Over the Hudson, and several other state parks and landmarks.

Our boys take part in the city of Kingston Summer Sizzle basketball tournament and also participate in Kingston's Biddy Basketball league in the winter. Boys have also played on local Little League and Pop Warner Football teams. Every summer, our younger boys are offered the opportunity to attend the local YMCA day and/or sleepover camp.

Local businesses, club, and organizations often provide free or low-cost tickets to special events in the community, and our Bicycle Maintenance Program offers an opportunity for our boys to learn proper repair and maintenance of a bicycle that they are allowed to ride while in care and take home when they are discharged.